FULL-PAYMENT OPTION: If the buyer pays the full cost of a satellite kit upfront, he or she is immediately placed on a launch manifest according to the order in which the payment was received.

HALF-PAYMENT OPTION: Satellite kit buyers also have the option of paying half of the cost upfront, then paying the other half of the cost at a later date. With this option, the builder's satellite will not be placed on a launch manifest until full payment is received.

In 2013, Interorbital will offer a two-tier pricing system. Tax-exempt, reduced pricing applies to student, academic, and non-profit entities. Government, military, and corporate entities are charged at a higher standard rate.

Payment for the satellite kits can be made Online with PayPal. Payment can also be made by bank transfer, cashiers check, or personal check. All non-tax exempt orders include an 8.25% sales tax. Non US entities must include a $150.00 shipping fee and import/export license service fees. Select one of the payment methods listed.

If you make your payment with PayPal, we recommend you use the E-Check option for entities that have a US bank account. This will add only a $5.00 charge to the total cost of your TubeSat or CubeSat kit. If you use your credit card or other option with PayPal, there is a 3.9% charge ($312.00 on an $8,000 order). This 3.9% fee is shown in the prices. If you use the E-Check option, you will be refunded the balance upon payment ($312.00 on an $8,000 order).

Don't forget to e-mail or send your order form to IOS after you have made your purchase. Your PayPal payment will be processed through Astro Expeditions LLC (Interorbital Systems' marketing division). Please include your e-mail address. Upon receipt of your order, you will be emailed your shipping information and your position on the current launch manifest.

Email: ios@interorbital.com

Payment Options: TubeSat or CubeSat

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