NEPTUNE Launch Services

Explore LEO and Beyond!

Interorbital Systems' modular rocket system has been designed to satisfy a multitude of mission scenarios. The 'Transformer'-like launch vehicle can be customized for each mission by varying the number of Common Propulsion Modules (CPMs) and stages. Payload capacities range from a minimum of 30-kg up to one metric ton. The price per kilogram to Low Earth Orbit varies from $4,000 to $12,500 per kilogram, depending on the payload capacity of the the NEPTUNE variant. Larger mass payloads result in a lower cost per kilogram.


Groups of Standard CubeSats and TubeSats are launched as a mixed manifest on a single NEPTUNE launch vehicle. Each CubeSat or TubeSat is placed in its own private deployment unit. All satellites are treated as 'primary' payloads. The satellites are time-released on-orbit to prevent the satellites from clustering, eliminating radio interferance after deployment. In order to prevent a buildup of orbital debris, the satellites are placed in a 310-km altitude orbit. After three to six weeks on orbit, the satellites' orbits will decay and the satellites will automatically reenter the atmosphere and burn up. IOS believes the short on-orbit lifespan provides adequate time to carry out a wealth of orbital activities. The standard IOS deployment unit can handle 1U, 2U, and 3U CubeSat variants. Launches can be customized for other CubeSat variants.


A single, standard CubeSat's (1U) mass can range between between 1.0-kg and 1.33-kg. The CubeSat launch costs at $12,500 per kilogram are as follows:

$12,500 (1.00-kg CubeSat)
$16,625 (1.33-kg CubeSat

The launch costs of 1U, 2U, and 3U CubeSat variants will depend on the mass of the satellites. Contact Interorbital for more information. Prices are subject to change.

Custom Satellites

Launch services are available for custom satellites up to one metric ton. The basic costs per kilogram is as follows:

0 to 500-kg: $12,500 per kilogram
500 to 1,000-kg: $4,000 per kilogram

The basic costs do not include the price of the deployment hardware which can be custom or off-the-shelf, like the Lightband system. Contact Interorbital for more information. Prices are subject to change.

Lunar Payloads

The IOS NEPTUNE 36 (N36), a 36-CPM, four-stage launch vehicle, is designed to place a 190-kg on a translunar trajectory. Contact Interorbital for more information on lunar or interplanetary missions.